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ASD Today: Mother's Day Tribute

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

I want to thank all of the autism mothers (Including mine) for doing the following:

  1. Spending countless hours providing the necessary resources for us to succeed

  2. Not seeing us as less but equal to the rest of the population

  3. Supporting our interests

  4. Encouraging us to blend into society in the most painless ways possible

  5. Helping us see both the neurotypical and autism worlds

  6. Looking at things from positive perspectives to help us get through difficulties

  7. Making us feel good about even the smallest of accomplishments

  8. Having our back when people look down on us

  9. Helping us achieve our goals with manageable steps

  10. Fighting to get what we need

  11. Still playing your part even after sleepless nights

  12. Making our needs a priority

  13. Managing life around therapies

  14. Finding a good balance between being strict and nice

  15. Accommodating our sensory needs

  16. Believing in us

  17. Not pushing us too hard to improve in areas we find difficult

  18. Acknowledging areas of improvement in the most compassionate way possible

  19. Relating life lessons to our interests

  20. Never giving up on us

(Photo credit: Tolulope Olanrewaju from ASD Today)


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