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Fun Ways to Introduce Autistic Children to Thanksgiving

Table of Contents

Autistic People: Concrete Thinkers

As autistic people are often concrete thinkers, it is important to introduce them to concepts in ways that they will understand well. Don't focus so much on the why as much as the what, particularly with topics they aren't familiar with.

In my experience, looking back to my younger days and even today, I have found that if I learn what the most basic things about stuff are and then gradually learn about why and their functions later instead of having someone force me to learn it all at once, it's much less of a struggle.

Say for example, that an autistic child is Kindergarten-aged. What should I teach him or her as parent, therapist, teacher or as. another supportive person in their life?

These following exercises, which I created, may work for the child.

What Foods Do and Don't Often Belong

Autistic Children Thanksgiving Activity 1

What Are You Thankful for?

Autistic Children Thanksgiving Activity 2

What to Do on Thanksgiving?

Autistic Children Activity 3

Thanksgiving Worksheet

Autistic Children Activity 4


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