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Autism: Easter Social Stories

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

I decided to create some social stories to not just help parents of people with autism to help their child, but for anyone where these social stories may be useful. Click on the arrows below to view the stories.

Easter egg hunts

Many children, including myself, enjoy Easter egg hunts.

I enjoy winning and want to find the most eggs.

If I don't win, I may get super mad.

When that happens, my whole family feels sad.

Not many people will want to talk to me.

If I do win, I'll be proud.

I can't always win, though.

If I don't win, that's okay. I will stay in control.

Everyone is happy with me when I keep my cool.

Easter egg hunt
(Photo credit: Pngstudio on Can Stock Photo)

Kinder eggs

Shopping at stores

Trying new foods


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