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Amazing Father's Day Gifts for Autism Dads

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

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HFA Today has some fun ideas for Father's Day gifts for fathers on the spectrum, fathers whose wives have autism, and fathers of children who have autism.

As COVID-19 outdoor restrictions ease in Ontario, there will be opportunities to surprise the father both in and out of the house.

The bonus? According to The Weather Network, weather conditions will be spectacular on Father's Day.

Butterfly Cupcakes

According to The Place for Children with Autism, a butterfly may serve as a replacement for the puzzle piece because many feel that it symbolizes how beautiful diversity is in society. Eat these cupcakes to show that you appreciate how well the father has supported the autistic family member.

Father's Day Gifts
(Photo credit: Ruth Black on Dreamstime)

Surprise Picnic Trip

Without a doubt, many are tired of being at home with these COVID-19 measures. As some parks, such as Trinity Bellwoods Park, have social distancing circles or easy ways to socially distance from the public, you can have a great time with your family with little worries.

With picnic foods, make sure you pack the father's favourite foods and foods that the autistic person won't resist. In particular, pay close attention to how foods smell and taste.

Father's Day Gifts
(Photo credit: Artisticco on Can Stock Photo)

Surprise Patio Lunch or Dinner

Some restaurants have patios in Ontario for your family to dine at now. Think about what the father's favourite restaurant is and check to see if they have a patio. You should also make sure it is a restaurant that your autistic family member will enjoy.

See Likely autism challenges at a restaurant for more details on making a restaurant experience manageable for someone with autism.

Father's Day Gifts
(Photo credit: Danny Raustadt on Dreamstime)

Zoom Call

As tiring as Zoom calls maybe for some, we still aren't out of the woods with the pandemic yet.

On the other hand, you can use the tool for a surprise celebration with relatives. Invite as many family members as you please, and give a toast to the fathers for all they do.

When the person on the spectrum is involved, the Zoom call will be a good opportunity to encourage them to be social with others. You can track social skills to see if they remember good manners or don't interrupt in conversations.

Father's Day Gifts
(Photo credit: Chris Montgomery on Unsplash)


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